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Creative editor/Junior Media buyer

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Key skills: Facebook Ads/Tik Tok Ads/Marketing initiatives / Microsoft Office / Dreamweaver/Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator / English Advanced
Creative editor/Junior Media buyer

We are looking for a responsible Creative Content Manager/Video Maker/Junior Media Buyer/Creative Specialist who will work with our office in Amsterdam remotely.

Duties will include create highly successful landing pages, making creative videos, posting ads and using social media tools to automate tasks.

You will work from home (overtime) daily 7 days a week. You will work more during weekdays and less during weekends. You must always be available for emergencies.

Junior Media Buyer/Creative Specialist should have a solid understanding of how each social media channel FB & Tik Tok work and how to optimize content so that it is engaging on those channels.


  • Good English is a Must be!
  • Creative, out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint), and Social Media web platforms.
  • Cut and connect various footage, adding sound effects, text, voice, and motion graphics.
  • Having knowledge of Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.
  • Produces information by transcribing, formatting, inputting, copywritting, editing, retrieving, copying, and transmitting text, data, and graphics.
  • Experience with Facebook Ads/Tik Tok Ads and other Marketing initiatives


  • Looking for the new Angels, creating highly successful landing pages, making creative Tik Tok video ads!
  • Create amazing videos that will entertain and inform our audience. 
  • As a Video Editor, you will be responsible for cutting and assembling video footage, adding visual effects and titles, and generally ensuring that our videos are of the highest quality.
  • Create and manage various content formats, including writing texts for posts and creating engaging videos.
  • Create and execute a TikTok promotion strategy to reach the target audience, producing engaging TikTok & Facebook videos.
  • Help coordinate and arrange social media material initiatives (graphics, videos, etc), responding to posts, coordinating posts, etc. 


  • Emotional maturity, being proactive, infinitely curious, and ambitious to test as many ideas as possible.
  • Highly resourceful team-player, with the ability to also be extremely effective independently.

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed