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Senior Quality Engineer

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Key skills: Python / Rally / Jira / Windows / GIT and-or SVN CVS / CI/CD / RESTFUL / Good English
 Senior Quality Engineer


Data Connectors are focused on providing a seamless and simple connection experience for the wide array of company-supported data sources (files, databases, etc.) including the cloud SaaS data sources. Data Connectors and are closely linked with leveraging the performance and scaling of in-database analytics.

The Prague Data Connectors Team will be focused on connecting company Engine (high performance C++ code) to the cloud data sources like Google Cloud (BigQuery), Azure Data Lake, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake and many others.

The Team will need to solve the following challenges

  • cloud authentication using various technologies and scenarios (LDAP, Kerberos, OAuth, SAML)
  • record-level, batch and bulk data transfers
  • writing to shared memory in different formats (row-based, columnar)
  • connecting to the C++ data flow managing company Engine in highly efficient manner

Required Skills:

  • Fundamental understanding of networking (subnet, mask, DNS, IP, ping, traceroute, etc)
  • Understanding of network and web authentication protocols and mechanisms (OAuth, SAML, Kerberos, LDAP)
  • Experience in items tracking tool (Rally, Jira, etc)
  • Experience in testing of desktop applications on Windows
  • Understanding of agile methodology
  • Strong knowledge of testing types/methodologies
  • Experience of test case creation/execution
  • Knowledge of how to describe defects
  • Strong experience in automation testing, Python is a must.
  • Experience with GIT and-or SVN CVS.
  • Understanding of CI/CD environments and how they are used in testing
  • Experience with RESTFUL web technologies/API testing
  • Willingness to work in an agile environment with a collaborative team
  • Good English, both written and spoken


  • Create and maintain manual and automated tests
  • Collaborate with development team to identify the scope a testing
  • Technical ability to gain requirements out of user stories and build acceptance criteria for it

Other requirements:

  • CV provided in English
  • Frequent communication with US - willingness to participate on occasional meetings at late hours (due to time difference)

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed