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Client testimonials

Sergii Kurstak ,Head of Software Development at Whirl Software

Sergii Kurstak

Head of Software Development at Whirl Software provides excellence in its recruiting services across the world. We have filled 11 positions so far and most of them are Senior QA. People in Zhuko are willing and able to go behind the scenes, understand the company needs and at the end of the day they always find the right person for you! A marvel of hiring accuracy and a perfect example of dedication and attitude! Thank you,!

Boris Starinskiy,Managing Partner at ABMCloud

Boris Starinskiy

Managing Partner at ABMCloud

We have been looking for Ruby Product Manager for a while. But we couldn`t find the right person on our own. My collegue recommended us Zhuko.Net. The most important thing in our collaboration was that they never gave up. Eventually Zhuko.Net found us a perfect candidate. They are persistant in their work and ready to accept new challenges.

Ksenya Solodovnyk,Recruitment Specialist at Luxoft

Ksenya Solodovnyk

Recruitment Specialist at Luxoft

Our company Luxoft has been working with Zhuko.Net for a few years already. Sometimes our recruitment department is overloaded. Zhuko.Net stepped in and closed 10+ positions with such technologies as Java, C#.NET, Android, iOS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript, FrontEnd, QA. Especially we appreciate their work in hiring Senior Perl Developer with a very specific set of skills. I would also like to emphasize the usability of their online recruitment CRM-system. It`s very efficient to track all the candidates and...

Sergey Tikhonov,COO at eFarmer B.V.

Sergey Tikhonov

COO at eFarmer B.V.

When I started working with, we were very pleased that this team is familiar with the intricacies of our field of work with high technology. In addition to professionalism, they are active in search and they are providing required number of relevant candidates. In the future, I am going to require help from Eugene and his Zhuko.Net team.

Victory Bondarenko,Project manager - Cogniance

Victory Bondarenko

Project manager - Cogniance

I am very thankful for the way these guys are doing their job. It's always easy to communicate with them and find the best solution together. They found Senior Javascript Dev for us very quickly. This agency has their own CRM-system which makes it easier to track candidates and control recruitment cycle. I`ve never seen anything similar in Ukraine or abroad. I would be happy to cooperate in the future. Guys, thank you!

Lena Sandiy,Senior IT Talent Consultant at EPAM

Lena Sandiy

Senior IT Talent Consultant at EPAM

I was cooperating with Evgenij while working on the position of Recruitment Analyst at Luxoft. Together we have closed 11 positions. The hardest ones were Senior C# .NET and Senior Perl Devs but Evgenij has demonstrated an excellent grasp of recruitment processes and the results of our cooperation were highly efficient. Also, it was extremely easy to use his reference Zhuko.Net system. I would be happy to work with Evgenij and his agency in the future.

Yuliana Iyegovskaya,HR Manager at Codeminders

Yuliana Iyegovskaya

HR Manager at Codeminders

The Codeminders Company would like to thank the specialists of Zhuko.Net for professional work of varying complexity on the selection of reliable candidates. We have hired several senior developers within less than a month. I have never had a better experience of working with recruitment agencies. I would definitely recommend Zhuko.Net.

Igor Glynianyi,Director Of Operations And Business Development at SKILLERS

Igor Glynianyi

Director Of Operations And Business Development at SKILLERS

I am working with Evgeniy on agency2agency research partnership basis and he did a great job helping me to complete mass mid-senior level specialists recruitment order. His online system keeps both of us up to date and he is quite "aggressive" when it comes to feedback which pushed us to keep the pace. Thanks to his professional qualities we closed the positions within few weeks. I would recommend Evgeniy as a professional recruiting manager for research and recruitment projects.

Tanja Babii,Recruiting Specialist at SoftServe

Tanja Babii

Recruiting Specialist at SoftServe

We work with Evgenij for already more than 2 year and I can highly recommend for collaboration. Evgen and his team provides great pipeline of candidates with all needed information, in-time feedbacks, actual hot candidates. Good job!

Ivan Saric,CEO at BeCoded

Ivan Saric

CEO at BeCoded

I will recommend Evgenij and as one of the best IT recruiting companies. I can sense responsibility and professional approach in the selection of projects in their work. Highly qualified specialists always pay attention to the details and nuances of the project. As a result, it saves time not only for the candidate, but also for the customer, and satisfies the requirements of both sides.

Inna (Nizhenets) Izmaylova,Staffing Coordinator & TA Lead at EPAM Systems

Inna (Nizhenets) Izmaylova

Staffing Coordinator & TA Lead at EPAM Systems

I'd like to recommend Evgenij as an efficient recruiter who over several years helped to fill hot and important IT positions. He is always in touch and makes everything possible to fill the positions fast. It's a pleasure to cooperate with him as he provides good candidates and fast feedbacks. Thanks Evgenij for his work!

Anna Bobel,CEO at Archers

Anna Bobel

CEO at Archers

During the years of cooperation, Zhuko.Net showed their best qualities. They provided us reliable, tested candidates that exactly fit the stated requirements. Our company highly values the existing cooperation and plans to continue working in future.

Olga Mamonova,Recruitment Manager/HR at MageCore

Olga Mamonova

Recruitment Manager/HR at MageCore

We thank Zhuko.Net agency and their recruiters, who did a great job filling our vacancies. We have been looking for a suitable developer for a long time, and finally, when we have hired your company, we found a good candidate and a reliable colleague who became a part of our team.

Denis Metelin,Entrepreneur: Software Architecture, Java Development, IT-Business

Denis Metelin

Entrepreneur: Software Architecture, Java Development, IT-Business did a great job closing our urgent vacancies of Java and Frontend Developers. All suggested candidates had the perfect set of skills and our mission was just to choose the one that fits best. We would like to thank for their IT recruitment services and we are looking forward for future collaboration.

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