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Key skills: 2+ testing of web applications / HTML / CSS / Javascript / SQL / Data Types / Upper intermediate English
QA Engineer

American product company is going to double its office in Kiev in connection with the construction of the next generation of the product.

The purpose of the product is accelerates the solution of business tasks through data science and analytics. 

Required skills:

  • Two years of experience in testing of web applications
  • English — Upper intermediate and higher.
  • Solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and SQL
  • Experience in testing types/methodologies
  • Experience in test case creation/execution
  • Experience in writing SQL queries.
  • Solid understanding of various Data Types/DataBases features.

Personal requirements:

  • Capable of long (and often) tedious manual testing of the Desktop (In future Web as well) application
  • Willing to learn new things
  • Communicative, willing to work in a team (located in several countries)
  • Willing to travel abroad (if needed)

Other requirements:

  • CV provided in English
  • Willingness to participate in practical assessment (a couple of hours testing a web application and reporting defects)
  • Frequent communication with the US - willingness to participate in occasional meetings at late hours (due to time difference)


  • Currently 24 people in Kiev (24 developers + 5 QA experts) — a combination of experienced senior experts and smart young tech-geeks
  • Managed by people in Prague (Czech Republic), who are responsible to company’s Tech HQ in Colorado
  • Testing work will be led by our experienced QA.
  • The company has several hundreds of employees in the USA, mainly in Colorado
  • Tested platforms / technologies: web-based apps in Java / JavaScript (React / Redux / NodeJS), C++ data-processing tools
  • You will work directly with one team who is working on one specific part of the product.

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed