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Key skills: 1+ year in the position of Senior Media Buyer / Facebook / white offers / Successful case studies / English B1+
Senior Media Buyer

If you have experience with white offers (medical insurance in the American market), we are pleased to offer you the following opportunity:

We specialize in attracting clients across various business sectors through all available digital advertising channels. We work on exclusive terms with international affiliate programs and direct advertisers of renowned brands. Our company possesses extensive knowledge and a developed infrastructure.

Benefits of working with us:

  •    Ability to work with any volume without limitations
  •    Absence of account bans
  •    Long-term account activity
  •    Our infrastructure allows you to earn as much as you want!


  • Search and testing of new and existing connections and offers
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Management of advertising budgets and scaling of ad campaigns


  • Minimum of one year of experience in the position of Senior Media Buyer
  • Successful case studies and consistent ad volume
  • Experience working with a budget of $5000 per day
  • Deep understanding of the specifics of Facebook operations


  • Work in an office in the center of Warsaw
  • Favorable conditions from advertisers
  • No budget limitations

Note: Candidates for the position of Middle Media Buyer are also considered.

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed