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Service engineer for web scraping product

Hire Bonus
Key skills: Support / HTML / JavaScript / Excel/Google Spreadsheets / English B1
Service engineer for web scraping product

We are 10+ years in the market and handle millions of data records for hundreds of B2B customers daily. This is our own service and it runs on our software product. Among our clients are Oracle and Amazon, Ziprecruiter and Careerbuilder. We don't do advertising - our clients are our advertisers.

Work schedule: GMT+3: 7pm - 02am or 8am - 5pm (GMT+/- 1/2/3/4)

Necessary skills

- HTML, JavaScript - must have
- English language ( must have) - Intermediate (read and write without vocabulary)
- Experience in direct communication with clients would be a plus

- Knowledge of Regular expressions would be a plus
- Knowledge of how websites work in general
- User-level knowledge of ftp, sftp
- Proficiency in Excel/Google Spreadsheets
- Understanding XML, JSON, CSV, APIs (in general)
- Optional: XSLT templates, Velocity templates
- Proactivity and responsibility, attention to detail, and willingness to grow

Work schedule
- Work remotely from home
- Full time

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed