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Key skills: 3+ Head of Sales team / sales techniques / English (fluent), German (will be a plus)
Head of Sales

We have worldwide presence with customers in more than 50 countries. As the number of customers is grows every day we are looking for an experienced Head of Sales to join our family of talented and highly motivated people.

How we see your role in the company:

  • You will be responsible for decomposition of the sales goals and achieving them. 
  • Be an excellent sales team manager. Be nice, supportive and motivating.Provide trainings to the sales team, organize efficient sales processes, create high-quality sales documents and scripts, implement motivation systems that everyone likes.
  • Be data driven - set up and actually use analytical dashboards to make decisions and implement changes.


  • More than 3 years as Head of Sales team;
  • Experience in planning and decomposition of plans;
  • Ability to analyze the work of employees and provide feedbacks;
  • Knowledge of sales techniques;
  • Languages: English (fluent), German (will be a plus) 
  • Know how to organise your work and be process oriented
  • Familiar with agriculture, tractor GPS systems will be a plus
  • Interest in Agtech, agriculture, farmers

Personal qualities:

  • Result-oriented;
  • Good leadership skills;
  • Positive personality;
  • Entegrity.

We offer full-time employment, remotely or in our Kiev office. Great team and perspectives of fast growth together with our company.

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed