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PHP developer

Alex Pshegodskyi
Main skill
Other skills
PHP 5.x/7.x, Laravel 5.x, MySQL, Drupal 7/8, Wordpress 4.x/5.x, JS, Jquery, HTML/CSS


Currently working as backend PHP developer in US company "Interactivity", developing modules for Drupal CMF and web applications based on Drupal 7/8 platform.
Involved in development of Laravel based project for Smart House control and IOT as a side project.
Developer of greenhouse control system for automatic vegetables growing, written on Golang
Currently actively studying Golang
Always willing to improve my skills and qualification as a part of professional team.
Completed the course of PHP Backend Development at DITS - Deutsche Schule für Informationstechnik.
Worked on several commercial projects and studied PHP. Got experience working with PHP 5.x and 7.x, Laravel 5.x, Drupal 7.x, Wordpress, MySQL and Git.
Tools I use in work: PhpStorm, Navicat, Git, Docker, Jira, OpenServer.