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Customer success, marketing, product management

Kateryna Vilchinska
Main skill
People Management


• Ability to learn quickly
• Good team work skills
• Solid/fluent writing, editing and oral communication skills in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages. Turkish language – studying process.
• Excellent human relations skills, having dealt at variety of different personalities, and employees.
• Computer proficient with WINDOWS ’XP applications, MS office and Internet explorer, 1C-basic level, Jira, Zendesk, Slack, Salesforce, CRM.
• Advanced user of reservation systems Sirena, ADS, MARS, EASYMARS, FFP CRIS, FFP ADS, and AMADEUS as well as baggage claim/airport handling systems MACS, DCS, WorldTracer.
• Ability to achieve immediate and long-term goals.
• Proven ability to analyze, plan, manage and motivate.