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Key skills: 3+ years of automated testing / mobile and web / Java / SQL / English
QA Automation (Java) Engineer


  • Develop tools and utilities that will help validate implemented features
  • Analyse and understand requirements for automation of QA processes
  • Design automation framework
  • Develop automation framework utilities, largely in Java
  • Hand framework over to testers to set up auto-tests, and support them in that


  • 3+ years of automated testing experience
  • Experience with automation for mobile and web
  • Knowledge of testing types and their implementation methods in the process of software testing
  • Writing test documentation (test plans, check-lists)
  • Knowledge and skills in programming (Java)
  • Knowledge of SQL at the level of simple queries
  • Experience in writing end-to-end tests
  • Knowledge of frameworks for testing

Будет плюсом

  • Experience with AWS (AWS CLI)
  • Knowledge of messaging technology (Kafka)
  • Experience with Snowflake, SQL databases
  • Knowledge of Jenkins
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english level
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