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Senior Golang Developer

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Key skills: gRPC, Confluent Kafka, AWS - EventBridge, SQS, Lambdas, DynamoDB, RDS, Microservice architecture, English - B1-B2
Senior Golang Developer

Наша Go команда ~ 10 специалистов уровня middle и senior;

Наши домены (telecom, healthcare, retail, IoT, banking, advertising, ML) ;

Наша специализация: Go, go-kit, go-micro, k8s, go gin, go mux, hyperledger fabric, hugo, Cassandra, Kafka, Zookeeper, etcd, NATS, CQRS and Microservices


Candidate Description:

We are looking for Golang developers to help us modernize our Identity Verification Services. The candidates will architect, design and develop Go microservices that will integrate to the LexisNexis identity service to provide Fraud Risk indicators to classify better our customer base. The solution will be hosted in our AWS Managed Kubernetes Cluster and will use leading edge gRPC and rest communication for our main Enrollment process application. We want to be able to instrument these services to provide metrics and stats to determine usage and efficiency.


Project Description:

Customer wants to migrate functionality over from monolithic systems (e.g. written on .NET) into Microservices. The work is conducted across all of Care’s offices: Berlin, Austin (Texas) and Boston. The profiles and skills they are using in our stack are Server / Backend - Go - gRPC - Kubernetes (K8s) .

In general, Customer will have a preference for candidates with experience in:

• gRPC

• Confluent Kafka

• AWS - EventBridge, SQS, Lambdas, DynamoDB, RDS

• Microservice architecture


·3+ years of experience with Golang

·Have expertise in implementing microservices (using tools and technologies for messaging, RPC, containerization, etc.)

·Experience working with SQL/NoSQL databases , ability to write complex queries and optimize them

·Understanding of containerization technologies (Docker, RKT, Kubernetes, etc.)

·Basic experience with CI/CD systems (Jenkins, TeamCity, GoCD, Concourse, etc.)

·Basic experience working with AWS/Google Cloud

·English pre-intermediate/ intermediate .


·Writing high-quality, reusable and documented code

·Scalable and reliable applications design

·New functionality implementation to meet product requirements

·Existing solution maintenance so that the customer experience is seamless

·Code profiling, debug and optimization

·Development process and deployment automation

·Estimation and milestones definition for new projects

·Architectural decisions

·Code review

·Resource and time management

·Establishing communication inside and out of the team

·Meetings and occasional brainstorming participation

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed