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Key skills: Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager / Facebook Pixel / Firebase / DOM / JavaScript / GA / HTML
Data Analyst

If you want to become (or already are) a GTM guru, then welcome to our team! Our websites are highly loaded with sophisticated user authorization and dozens of counters. Our perfect candidate knows how to deal with custom tasks, custom dimensions, custom HTML tags, all other custom stuff, etc.

We need you to adjust our tracking strategy, fine-tune analytical scripts to make our system even more reliable and predictable. Currently, our main goal is to move all web tracking to app+web analytics and make one ecosystem among our applications and web resources.
You’ll be provided with the help of our friendly team of professionals, in-house front-devs, professional courses and all you need to tackle the task, so nobody will leave you alone unless you ask for it =)

We offer:

  • Real opportunity to ship digital products to millions of customers;
  • A competitive salary;
  • Annual bonus;
  • Paid sick leave and vacation;
  • Financial aid in different life situations;
  • Possibility to work remotely at regular intervals;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Medical and life insurance;
  • Great possibilities for professional development and career growth;
  • Friendly & Collaborative Environment.


  • Build well structured, reliable and documented web tracking system;
  • Implement tracking of main conversions via measurement protocol;
  • Merge data between web and applications.


  • In-depth knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Firebase;
  • Understanding of DOM;
  • Sufficient knowledge of JavaScript to write your scripts for GTM;
  • Proficiency in GA measurement protocol;
  • Basic HTML, CSSBasic SQL;
  • Basic bi visualization (DataStudio, Power BI).

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with web API;
  • Experience with A/B testing;
  • Basic statistics: basic distributions (Normal, Gaussian, Exponential, Beta) and statistical hypothesis testing;
  • R/Python.

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed