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Key skills: 4+ Years developing software / Ruby / JavaScript / REST API / English B2
Ruby developer

We use: Ruby/Rails, PHP, Java, React/Redux, Postgre, Elastic, Docker, AWS

The engineering challenges include:

  • high-loaded APIs
  • complex algorithms
  • building integrations
  • response time optimization
  • build solutions for complex business needs

Required skills

  • 4+ Years developing software in a commercial environment
  • 2+ Years of experience in PHP/Python/Ruby
  • Experience with frontend frameworks (React)
  • Experience in building REST API, ideally using Grape
  • Experience in building integrations with third-party APIs via REST, SOAP, XMLRPC, etc.
  • Solid experience in building high-performance, reliable and scalable services

As a plus

  • Experience with Elasticsearch
  • Experience with Go, AWS, Docker, K8s, GitLab CI
  • Experience with ERP systems (NetSuite, Acumatica, etc.)
  • Shipping/transportation industry experience

We offer
Technology stack: Ruby, Rails, PHP, Elastic, PostgeSQL, Redis, React, Redux, MaterialUI, AWS, docker, test cafe.

The development process includes:

  • planning, estimation
  • mandatory code review
  • mandatory unit test coverage
  • CI pipelines (unit tests, linter)
  • CI with integration tests
  • manual testing by QA team
  • automated UI tests (Test Cafe)


  • stock options
  • travel to the USA, relocation possible
  • $100/month - Health & Wellness expenses
  • $500/year - medical expenses
  • 20 PTO days
  • top-level hardware of employee choice, ownership will be passed to employee


  • Develop new product features
  • Fix bugs as they arise
  • Ensure Merge Requests improve test coverage by adding new unit tests
  • Document explanation of developed features/fixes to Merge Requests and to corresponding tickets
  • Document steps for QA for developed ticket
  • Contribute high-quality code to the backend and frontend projects


city where you are looking for work
english level
salary not lower than