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Strong Middle / Senior Node.js Developer  

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Key skills: 3+ years Node.js / JavaScript / 1+ years Typescript / Docker / English intermediate+
Strong Middle / Senior Node.js Developer

We are looking for the Node.js Developer (Strong Middle - Senior level)  to join our team. You'd become a part of one of the most experienced teams in the AR/VR field.

Main tasks:

  • Discussing, estimating, designing and developing backend solutions for outstanding AR/VR projects (based on Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis and other technologies)
  • Maintaining existing solutions to fit the changing business requirements
  • Management of in-house and outstaff backend development teams
  • Actively communicating with QA, UI/UX and frontend development teams with interactive collective discussions

Important skills and experience:

  • 3+ years of commercial experience with Node.js
  • Decent English (intermediate or above) - reading, writing, speaking
  • Strong JavaScript knowledge (up to ES2018)
  • 1+ years of commercial experience with Typescript
  • Experience with Yarn, understanding of semver
  • Experience with Sequelize (PostgreSQL), Mongoose (MongoDB)
  • Understanding of HTTP specification, REST/RPC API architecture
  • Commercial experience of Unit and Integration testing (Mocha/Jest)
  • Experience of team working, ability to learn and research quickly
  • Deep understanding of Git Flow methodology
  • Commercial experience with Docker and Docker Compose
  • Commercial experience with frontend JavaScript development
  • Understanding of Event Loop concept, general Node.js structure, basic V8 structure
  • Deep understanding of synchronous/asynchronous flow control in JavaScript and Node.js
  • Commercial experience with CI/CD
  • Experience with Node.js application debugging and profiling
  • At least minimal experience with one of the following SPA frameworks: VueJS, React
  • VPS application deployment experience
  • Experience with NginX configuration

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with Hapi.js
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience with FFMPEG, Sharp (npm package)
  • Experience with task delegation and development team management
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with RabbitMQ or other message brokers

Personal qualities:
We are pretty sure that any hard skill can be learnt, and it's absolutely normal not to know something. As for soft skills, it is important for us that the people in the team share the following values: 

  • Trust - is the foundation of any relationship; it is vital to remain honest in any situation.
  • Passion - work should be fun; otherwise, what's the point? We believe a person is most effective in position when it’s done with joy and love.
  • Courage - we are pioneers; we have to be bold and brave, daring to create outstanding solutions and set up new standards in the XR industry.

What's from our side? 

  • Exciting projects that you will be proud of. Since we work with clients worldwide from different industries, projects are always very diverse, throwing up new challenges and growth opportunities.
  • Fantastic team - we are passionate about what we do, we are known in the global AR/VR community, we are in the Top 10 AR/ VR developers globally, we have strong expertise in the XR industry.  
  • Flexible terms of cooperation, no matter how trite it may sound, but the conditions are really flexible, especially in the current world’s situation. We agree on them within the person/ team. 
  • 100% compensation for professional events.
  • 50% compensation of the cost of training events on professional topics.
  • 90% compensation of the cost of corporate medical insurance
  • Participation in corporate events and internal events of the company
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