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Middle Java Engineer

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Key skills: Java 8 / Java Core/ Spring / Docker / Kubernetes / Grafana / CI/CD / English B1
Middle Java Engineer

Project Overview:
The product we create is the Platform providing the next generation of location services intelligence. Offering high-quality services such as map-data, traffic, geocoding, and more as a standard, the platform now is evolved to reach the next level offering customers new ways of creating value for their organizations.

Platform will provide comprehensive software development tools to third-party developers from different industries using which they could ingest, process, and analyze sensor data from multiple sources, encode location-related information for people, places and things.

With the complete development environment, developers will be able to consume data and services of the platform, even those created by other users, to enrich their own solutions as well as provide their data and services to bring into the platform or create within it for use in the application of other users.

Connected to the Platform's cloud services, intelligent in-vehicle devices could "see around the corner" to track and respond to the potential danger as well as perform real-time changes to the maps or any other data which then could be shared with other connected devices creating IoT ecosystem.

Our team is developing Software Development Kit (SDK), a set of libraries, tools, and documentation which allow third-party engineers to integrate with the Platform's services, access data from the cloud, ingest own data, build their own batch and streaming pipelines, expose content to the customers. The goal is to create developer-friendly, flexible, easy to onboard and use SDK, which will result in a stronger, better Platform developer's experience.

Why we rock?

  • Data-centric development. We build reusable components that run complex data pipelines at scale through data management, processing, distribution services and APIs;
  • The way of working. Fresh setup, minimum to none legacy processes and technologies, a good chance to start over with a clean slate;
  • Best practices. Platform possesses a strong background in continuous delivery approaches, automated testing, and employs the best DevOps practices to ensure the Platforms reliability at scale;
  • Self-fulfillment. Stand at the roots of the Platform that will redefine how society thinks about location data and boost your professional value by mastering edge data management techniques.

We seek someone who:

  • Has strong Java 8 experience combined with practical knowledge of Spring;
  • Understands and applies DevOps practices;
  • Has desire and ability to create and automate the creation of end-user documentation and training materials including tutorials, developer guides and template structures;
  • Has experience working inside Open source projects;
  • Is a strong team player who can collaborate as part of a cross functional team.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Develop software products using Agile methods, tools, continuous integration and delivery processes;
  • Participate in design reviews, code reviews, and product demos;
  • Work closely with product owners and engineers to design, implement, test and continually improve the service;
  • Take accountability for design, implementation, and quality of software products as well as time and complexity estimation of technical tasks;
  • Collaborate with other engineering teams to resolve dependencies and deliver high-quality software on time.


  • Very good knowledge of Java Core and Java 8;
  • Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms;
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Grafana;
  • Experience with CI/CD. Gitlab is preferred;
  • English B1+ both writing and speaking;
  • Proven record of successful projects.

Nice to have:

  • Python programming language experience;
  • Experience with BDD / Gherkin / Cucumber;
  • Flink / Spark experience.

Higher Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Master's preferred.

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed