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Back End Developer (Node.js)

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Key skills: 3+ years as Back End / Full Stack Developer / TypeScript / Node.js / ExpressJS / GraphQL / SQL or NoSQL / DevOps experience and Docker / English - upper intermediate
Back End Developer (Node.js)

San Francisco /Kyiv based Blockchain/Fintech start-up working on development of an investment platform in crypto portfolios.

We are a world class team of hackers, viral marketers, finance wizards and dreamers who refuse to be another boring company. We wake up every morning with a smile, ready to put our heart and soul on the line in the work we do. We are conquering a real-world problem and are on a quest to be a unicorn. We aren’t afraid to think or do things differently, challenge the status quo or do what it takes to win.


  • Research, design, develop, and test blockchain/dapp technologies
  • Brainstorm and help evaluate applications for new tools and technologies as they continually evolve
  • Maintain and extend current server-side applications responsible for integration and business logic
  • Be involved in the global blockchain community—work on implementing and integrating the latest improvement proposals
  • Document new solutions as well as maintaining that of existing ones
  • Adapt structured coding styles for easy review, testing and maintainability of the code.


  • 3+ years of experience as Back End / Full Stack Software Developer
  • Proficient in TypeScript, Node.js, ExpressJS, GraphQL
  • Hands-on with SQL or NoSQL databases
  • DevOps experience and Docker
  • Google Cloud experience.
  • Familiarity with Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts
  • Knowledgeable in data structures and algorithms
  • Understanding of OOPS concepts, Persistence, Threading
  • Experience working with large codebases
  • Experience working with open-source projects
  • Familiarity with basic cryptography
  • English - upper intermediate

Project Tech Stack: 

  • Node.js, TS, ExpressJS, Apollo GraphQL
  • Firestore, MySQL
  • Google Cloud, AppEngine, Docker
  • Github, github actions
  • Jira/Confluence; Git

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed