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Senior Frontend Developer (React)  

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Key skills: JavaScript core / TypeScript / React / Unit testing / Git / GraphQL / Microservices architecture / Good English
Senior Frontend Developer (React)

Required Skills

Proficiency in:

  • JavaScript core and TypeScript
  • React
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • GraphQL using React Apollo
  • Data visualisations (I.e. charts via Highcharts)
  • Global state management
  • Software Design of loosely coupled reusable components
  • Unit testing with Jest
  • Applying web performance and networking best practices
  • CI/CD practices
  • Advanced use of Git

General knowledge about:

  • Styled Components or equivalent
  • System testing with Cypress
  • Microservices architecture concepts
  • Container-based architecture: Docker

Past experience

Demonstrated track record and proficiency in the points below:

  • Deliver features autonomously with a high degree of team coordination
  • Deliver code based on precise architecture spec
  • Deliver code without relying on precise architecture spec
  • Automated testing
  • Working with CI/CD practices
  • Delivering code to production
  • Maintaining production ready code
  • Collaborating in small but fast paced teams
  • Event driven architecture and message passing

More about you

  • Good level of English
  • Willingness to learn and open mind about new technologies
  • Confident to operate in a fast-paced environment
  • A collaborative approach and willingness to engage in an environment of active idea sharing
  • Ability to learn autonomously
  • Excellent all-round communications skills

Will be a plus

  • Exposure to concepts of functional programming
  • Ability to perform basic DevOps tasks

We offer

  • Working with latest cutting-edge technologies.
  • Disrupting a century old industry in a startup environment.
  • Opportunity to grow and develop your core skills.
  • Deliver a green field system.
  • Work with a diverse multicultural team in an agile environment.
  • Variety of knowledge sharing and self-development opportunities.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Great office with warm atmosphere and great working conditions.
  • Opportunity to travel to HQ office in London.
  • Experience firsthand the squad-chapter-guild workflow model, our version of the Spotify model.


  • As a member of the squad, you will be developing React applications for web.
  • Follow modern JavaScript and TypeScript best practices to deliver and support production ready industry quality code.
  • Responsible for full lifecycle of applications. Developers will take the applications they build from design, through implementation and into production.
  • Passionate about delivering a consistent user experience across the platform.
  • Continuous improvement of all development and deployment processes.
  • Contribute to developing and maintaining a core UI component library.
  • Successful delivery of your applications into production.
  • Work closely with designers to ensure delivery of the vision.
  • Regular and clear communication of progress to the squad product owner and technical lead.
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