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Key skills: 2+ High Tech Jobs Recruiter / Good English / Linkedin boolean search
IT Recruiter
We are looking for a professional Recruiter who will build a top-notch team with us!

Required skills:

  • Experience in recruiting 2+ years;
  • Experience of successful filling high tech job openings;
  • Good English Skills (the absence of the language barrier, fluent communication with the foreigners);
  • You are able to sell the vacancy and the company during the recruiting process;
  • Linkedin boolean search, inMails, referral search; 
  • Deep knowledge of different interviewing techniques, such as behavioral, case interview etc;
  • Ambition to fill job openings fast and competently (3-5 a month); 
  • An aspiration to build long-lasting relationships with candidates, provide them with feedback correctly and in time;
  • Recruiters from agencies are welcome as well!

Will be a plus:

  • Working experience in growing business, product company;
  • Deep knowledge of searching sources for IT job openings besides job-sites and (Github, Stack Overflow, etc.);
  • Ability to evaluate a culture fit;
  • Participation in the networking events, understanding of IT market.

We offer:

  • Building international and multi-regional cultural teams (currently we have 10% multi cultural employees); 
  • We grow very fast (+100% of headcount annually);
  • Above the market compensation;
  • Here you are a truly valuable team member who helps to build the team;
  • Friendly international product company / startup environment, sound investors; 
  • We build the great product, online marketplace for tutoring which helps people grow worldwide; 
  • The team of top-notch experts in the industry who appreciate the impact of recruiting and build partnership relations with the recruiter.


  • Full-cycle recruitment for IT, Marketing, Product, Sales, Support;
  • Developing a pool of best candidates in advance of need;
  • International search for international offices;
  • Direct search and headhunting;
  • Uncovering deep motivational factors and job offer negotiating;
  • Building excellent candidate interviewing experience;
  • Managing internship programs.

Why work with us:

  • Our company is very cool. It`s a great product company that has 15-20% monthly growth. We have updates of our product almost every day.
  • We have a wonderful team with the best professionals in the area and great atmosphere.
  • We are about to hire a lot of people to create the most efficient product team in Ukraine.
  • You will have an opportunity to develop your English skills in daily communications while working with foreigners.
  • Our office is located downtown.

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