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Senior DevOps Engineer  

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Key skills: 4 + experience architecting and maintaining the infrastructure for a complex service-oriented system; 2 + as a developer; Linux; AWS; Upper-Intermediate English
Senior DevOps Engineer

Are you tired of the big bureaucratic companies and there is a huge desire to act freely without waiting for clear instructions? In our company there are only two managers - CTO and CEO, we don’t have any middle management. Join and work comfortably!


  • At least 4 years of experience architecting and maintaining the infrastructure for a complex service-oriented system
  • At least 2 years as a developer with the ability to better understand developers’ needs and how to address them
  • Very solid skills in Linux or comparable OS
  • Service-mindset: You feel responsible for keeping the infrastructure running and continuously looking for the next improvements
  • Data-driven: Knowing how to collect data, such as service or infrastructure metrics, and analyze and act on them
  • Experience with a cloud provider, especially AWS
  • Sensibility towards IT security and the topic of concurrency


  • Being involved in open source projects


  • Your mission at SimScale is, together with our developers, to build and continuously improve a robust and scalable infrastructure for running our development and production services.
  • This means staying on top of changes in the cloud computing world, but also technologies and concepts like micro-services and containers, to help foresee the architecture and infrastructure SimScale will need tomorrow.
  • You ensure that our developers can efficiently and safely test their changes and put them in production, with infrastructure in place for techniques like canary or gradual releases, or blue-green deployment, and logging and metrics to ensure proper behavior of our complex service architecture. Depending on skill set and workload, you also help to adapt existing or new components to infrastructure, e.g., migrating a component to a message-based architecture.
  • You will be working at the intersection of a complex service-oriented web application and the world of Computer-Aided-Engineering, which brings interesting challenges of its own, such as the combination of significant computations resulting in large amounts of data, while at the same time empowering a thriving community of users to collaborate and to share simulation projects.

About our company

We are ukrainian outsourcing company that provides software development services around the world. The idea of creating the company arose in 2012 - the first project, ambitious goals and now our development does not stop for a minute. The main activity is the creation of dedicated teams that work on long-term projects and interact directly with customers. The basic values - communication, flexibility, passion to win. The main feature of the company is that our team works only on products that really worth it, we can abandon profitable customers if this contradicts our ethical standards.
About project
At SimScale, our mission is to help engineers worldwide to develop their products faster, easier, and better. We are fascinated by the potential of simulation technology and work hard to make it easier and more accessible than ever before. To that end, we are building the world’s first completely web-based engineering simulation platform — bringing high-performance computing technology to the fingertips of every engineer and scientist in the world.
Now we are looking for Senior DevOps Engineer in the Kharkov office.

Who are we looking for?

A person with a high level of responsibility, who loves freedom of action, but at the same time works for the result. You will be a member of the team that is responsible for the quality of innovative and highspeed data storage product. You will take part in the manual testing of the whole solution including a server side, working closely with Developers, Test Automation engineers, and Integration engineers.

The company offers:

  • Warm and friendly atmosphere in the team
  • Competitive salary
  • Paid vacation (24 days)
  • Paid sick leave
  • Absence of midlevel management
  • Team help

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