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Key skills: 2+; Linux; shell; Git; Docker; Ansible or SaltStack; Intermediate English
Ops Engineer

Tired of being the smartest guy in the room? Do you want to present us as a company on international conferences, work shoulder to shoulder with people you saw on YouTube only? Join one of the best development teams in the field of security!

We expect you already know:

  • English (intermediate)
  • Proficient in shell scripting
  • Configuration management systems: Ansible or SaltStack.
  • In-depth understanding of Linux architecture, networking and kernel tuning.
  • Strong debugging skills
  • As we keep everything version controlled  - git is a must.
  • Hands-on experience with Docker
  • Comfortable with large scale, highly-available distributed systems
  • Your hands aren't shaking when half of the world’s internet is “down”

You will learn with us (it is a BIG plus if you know it already):

  • Large scale and high availability best practices
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes
  • Prometheus, Grafana
  • ELK stack
  • Microservices
  • Agile software development methodology

Education Qualifications:

  • B.S. in computer science or equivalent work experience


  • Integrate and deploy infrastructure for rapid application software deployment.
  • Test new technologies and tools in lab, and decide which can be adopted by company on global level.
  • Ensure global observability.
  • Keep calm and change the world.

About our company

The American software company that helps millions of users to be protected on the Internet. The company was founded in 2005 and its headquarter is Mountain View, USA. In 2013, Forbes magazine named the company as the sixth most promising company in America. Love what you do - our main message, because for each of us it is very important to feel safe :)

The company's product is an application that provides network security. It is based on VPN technology, virtual private network, which encrypts the information that is transmitted through it. Every day, 250,000 people download this app. According to the American world-renowned research company - our company is on 33th place among the largest Internet services in the world.

Now we are looking for a Ops Engineer in our Kiev office.

Who are we looking for?

A person close to us in spirit, who loves what he does, because only if he does - he is the best. Each member of our staff is unique in their knowledge, so choose the best in their field. We appreciate the irresistible desire to grow and learn new technologies, because it is very important to understand that you give people the freedom and security in the network.

The company offers:

  • The feeling of safety and security
  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance.
  • Vacation, sick leave
  • In the future there is a possibility to relocate to the United States
  • Free food and drinks.
  • Discounts for employees at HP, Apple and Verizon
  • Gym, showers, tennis 

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