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Head of Architect  

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Key skills: 8+ years in IT Architecture area (programming Languages: PHP, GO, JS, C++, Java); Big Data; Micro services/SOA, RabbitMQ; Upper-Intermediate English
Head of Architect

Tired of startups and small projects? Do you want to plunge into the world of security and stability? Join one of the biggest IT companies on the market!

Experience with technologies is preferred:  

  • Micro services/SOA, RabbitMQ, Google ProtoBuf.
  • Workflow engines: rules, events, BPM.
  • Big Data
  • DB: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis.
  • Programming Languages: PHP, GO, JS, C++, Java.

Required Skills:

  • Good communications: presentations, workshops, discussions, meetings, brainstorming, coaching, interviews
  • IT Architecture Design: from concepts to detailed, EA level, Application/Data/Technology architecture
  • Documenting: create descriptive and clear architecture documents, guidelines, policies, standards, schemes and diagrams
  • Modeling: what if, gap analysis, coverage maps, SWOT, scenarios etc.
  • Team setup: manage, mentoring, coaching, motivation - both face-to-face and remote


  • 8+ years in IT Architecture area: design workload, distributed, multi-user, multi-tenant applications with high/complex non functional requirements
  • Clear understanding for technology stacks: services, messaging, middleware, relational/nonrelational DB, caching, web 
  • TOGAF, Zachman, EA frameworks experience would be a plus.
  • Agile and Waterfall development methodologies understanding.
  • EA and Architecture modeling tools


  • Responsible for Human Resources management (performance evaluation, competency improvement, etc.) of staff assigned directly to him/her (if any).
  • Responsible for mentoring and/or coaching staff assigned directly to him/her (if any) and Development Teams.
  • Responsible for performing interviews of candidates who will directly work with or under him/her.
  • Responsible for leadership the Architecture function within whole company organization on operational and functional levels
  • Responsible for IT strategy setup including architecture vision reflected on system landscape, frameworks and tools, infrastructure, HW and licenses etc.

Common responsibilities:

  • Accountable and responsible for applying provided standard processes, guidelines, templates, and best practices throughout the life-cycle of the Program/Project.
  • Accountable and responsible for following existing Law and Regulations, Company Security Rules, and fulfilling all responsibilities given by superiors in accordance with responsibilities defined.
  • Contributes to Product Scope/Roadmap definition activities both at Enterprise Level and Team Level.
  • Contributes to preparation of Program Initiation documents (initial technical solution, software estimates, draft technology list, technical assumptions/risks, etc.).
  • Contributes to Program Engineering Planning to ensure that software architecture related activities are planned.
  • Contributes to Program Communication Management activities by utilizing the communication principles, and channels defined by Program Management effectively such as; collection, creation, distribution, storage, retrieval, disposition of project related information, data, etc.
  • Contributes to Program Procurement Management activities to ensure that procurement including subcontracting is in accordance with architecture
  • Responsible of performing Program Human Resources management on staff directly reporting to him/her (if any) to ensure that they are motivated and aligned for success.
  • Responsible for performing Program Technical Risk Management activities to ensure that architectural, technology related risks are under control by
  • Contributes to User Story Definitions to ensure that requirements are clarified before development by analysis and reviews, and by providing feedbacks to Product Management and Program Management.
  • Accountable for taking Architectural Decisions during User Story and Feature Groomings at Enterprise Level to ensure that necessary design changes/improvements are incorporated.
  • Accountable for performing Architectural Design to ensure that product developed meets all functional and non-functional requirements, and quality attributes (scalability, security, testability, etc.) by
  • Developing high-level product specifications with attention to system integration and feasibility, and providing them to Development Teams as Architectural Tasks.
  • Developing architectural/design documents containing representation of software systems with modeling methods (UML, SysML, etc.), design decisions, etc.
  • Resolving technical problems, removing technical debts, making tradeoff analysis.
  • Developing POCs when needed.
  • Communicating successfully all concepts and guidelines to Development Team.
  • Providing technical guidance and coaching to developers.
  • Resolving integration issues, conflicts.
  • Responsible for performing Product Architecture Training to ensure that Development Teams are trained on the product architecture, design decisions, interfaces, etc., by preparing necessary training material when needed.
  • Responsible from execution of Software Architectural Design, and Integration processes in accordance with company processes, and international standards, models, and best practices.

About company

For almost 20 years, our company has been creating trust between users on the Internet, providing software and services that enable e-merchants, enterprises, organizations, and consumers to communicate and conduct business safely and securely.

This important mission of the company started back in 1998, when the number of Internet users increased every day and the issue of safety and security of information arose. It was from this moment that we began to create security conditions. Thousands of companies and organizations rely on our technology to authenticate, verify and secure their most valuable asset - information - and to fight malicious constant threats and cyberattacks that create chaos on a global scale. Our products have been repeatedly evaluated by the highest awards of independent test laboratories, this confirms the fact that more than 700,000 business customers trust us.

Creating an atmosphere of trust for our customers is the business of our whole life. We value speed and flexibility, so we keep pace with the time, make decisions quickly and always improve. Our team is a valuable asset that participates in the development of the whole company, because we value the opinion of each of us.

The heart of our company is in the USA, New Jersey, we have offices  in Ukraine, Turkey, India, Romania, China and the United Kingdom.

Now we are looking for Head of Architect for our Odessa office.

Who are we looking  for?

A person with a lot of love for his work, innovation and achievement of goals. 

We offer:

  • A great atmosphere in a team of professionals
  • Competitive salaries
  • Active life outside the office
  • Flexible working hours
  • The ability to embody an unlimited number of ideas
  • For those who want to prove themselves in the role of speaker - Training Center
  • Paid conferences and trainings
  • English courses, speaking club
  • A program of patents for which you can receive bonuses
  • Paid vacation and sick leave

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