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Key skills: 2+; GA, GTM, Datalayer, AppsFlyer; Excel


  • Work experience as a Web analyst from 2 years.
  • Excellent knowledge of GA, GTM, Datalayer, AppsFlyer.
  • Good level of Excel (logical and text functions, summary tables).


  • Analysis of business and products, identification of the target audience and channels of leads receiving.
  • Web analytics GA, GTM, Datalayer, AppsFlyer by directions, traffic channels, performance evaluation. Unloading from GA, reports on contextual advertising, CRM systems and so on.
  • Configure events, segments, custom reports and funnel.
  • Designing the structure and pages taking into account the predicted traffic, creating the necessary elements for the PPC, landing and distribution pages for different options and types of traffic (context, social network / transaction, information requests, etc.).
  • Control of the implementation of the prototype at the design and layout stage, for correct operation, correct (without distortion for the sake of design) representation of the basic meanings.
  • Post analysis of development of scripts, pages and blocks. A / B testing, analysis of traffic channels, devices, key phrases, etc.

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed