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Senior / Middle Java Developer

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Key skills: 4+ Java SE, Java EE, PL/SQL
Senior / Middle Java Developer

 Do you want to work with trendy technology in a circle of like-minded? Join our fantastic team!

Required Skills:

  • Java SE
  • SQL (PostgreSQL, Oracle etc.)
  • PL/SQL, PL/pgSQL
  • IPC mechanics (Sockets, Pipes, Memory Pools, etc.)
  • Understanding of database development process (High-level (Conceptual) design, Middle-level (Logical design), Low-level (Physical) design)
  • Understanding of development methodology (Waterfall, Agile etc.)
  • Experience with issue/task tracking tools (Youtrack, Jira etc.)
  • Versioning (Git, SVN etc.)
  • Team player and eager to learn
  • Basic knowledge of J2EE technologies 
  • Concurrent Collections
  • Multithreading and asynchronous calculations

Skills considered to be a plus:

  • Java EE (Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, EJB (Session (stateless / stateful), Entity, MDB), JPA)
  • Networks Basics (OSI Model, TCP/IP Stack, UDP protocol, RADIUS protocol)
  • Distributed systems development (Client-Server model, REST, SOAP, etc.)
  • Several years of commercial experience with one the above programming languages or running projects
  • C/C++ Development experience
  • Experience or general understanding of Python / Perl / Javascript / HTML/CSS etc.
  • NoSQL (Aerospike)
  • Apache Spark, Apache Kafka

About our company

It is an International company that is a leading provider of software products for the integrated analysis of data (big data), client-server solutions and monetization tools for WiFi / 3G / 4G / LTE networks, including the development, integration and support. The company's headquarters are located in Singapore. Our team consists of more than 50 employees, and we treat each other like a family.

The company’s product is a comprehensive offer for the promotion and loyalty management in real time, which allows you to engage, inform and study the behavioral patterns of the target audience. Our product has already been taking the world by successfully operating in the US, the UAE, UA RU, Russian Federation, China and Turkey.

Now we are looking for Senior / Middle Java Developer for our Kiev office.

What kind of man do we need?

An enthusiast of the things he does, and most importantly - our associate, who is willing to grow and develop along with the company. Responsible and considerate colleague with a great desire to realize himself as a professional.

The company offers:

  • Interesting, but at the same time complicated projects - our team likes to rack their brains over some  complex problems
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible working hours
  • Comfortable office with a lounge and snacks + musical instruments in the office for relaxation and inspiration
  • Medical insurance for employees
  • Vacation, sick leave
  • English courses
  • Membership in a sport club
  • Paid training programs, conferences

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Job Status: On Hold / Closed